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Pilates For Weight Loss.

Pilates For Weight Loss.Can Pilates help with weight loss?

A frequently asked question which has a simple answer. Yes but! Isn’t there always a but.

It is this. Pilates can help you lose weight except you must use it along side a healthy nutrition plan.

Food energy is counted in calories. The average person requires between 2000 and 2500 calories per day to maintain their current level of weight and muscle.

To lose weight you must consume less than your daily allowance of calories. This causes a calorie deficit and the body uses stored fat to fuel the body.

Exercise adds to the consumption of calories for example the average person burns between 80 and 160 calories per mile walk (Depending on speed and terrain and weight carried)

The average hour-long Pilates class burns between 300 and 400 calories

One hour of walking or Pilates are roughly on a par in exercise terms in relation of burning calories and adding to your calorie deficit, however this does not consider the Pilates effect.

1.Pilates helps build long lean muscles

2.Pilates helps to strengthen and stabilise the core muscles.

3.Helps with injury prevention.

4.Can help bring relief from stress and back pain.

5.Helps to improve balance and coordination.

6.Helps with Athletic performance.

7.Improves and heightens the Mind body connection.

8.Increases self-confidence and makes you feel good.

In conclusion yes, Pilates can you lose weight especially if used along side a healthy nutrition plan.

If you require more information about Pilates classes, please contact us at the studio or via Facebook.

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